zinc oxide raw material 

Types of Small Packages of Zinc Oxide Powder Made of Zinc Oxide Raw Material

You may be curious whether you can buy a small package of ZnO powder that is made of zinc oxide raw material or not. The good news is that you can buy a ZnO powder in a small package. It is recommended for those who want to create a specific product in a small quantity. 

The Reason Why People Buy a Small Package of ZnO Powder 

The truth is that some people are looking for a small package of ZnO powder. They don’t need this powder as much as big companies use it. You will get used to this powder when developing a cosmetic brand startup. 

Say you are producing cosmetics from the raw materials. ZnO powder is one of the materials you need to create cosmetics. This product is important to create acne treatment products, moisturizers, and others. 

Indeed, home industry or startup levels don’t need a lot of ingredients. Some owners even produce the products by request. Students or schools also need a small package of ZnO powder in case they have experiments involving this product. 

The Common Model of ZnO Powder You Can Find in the Market 

Remember! Zinc oxide raw material is different than ZnO powder. ZnO powder comes from processed zinc oxide. 

Luckily, you can find this product in online or offline stores. Sellers often offer white Zinc Oxide powder in a plastic bottle. 

You may see other particles in the powder. It can be because the manufacturers mix it with other astringent properties. At least, sellers have two different sizes, which are the 2.2 lbs and 50 lbs. 

The Price of Zinc Oxide Powder 

Indeed, the price of zinc oxide powder in a small package is more affordable than the big packages. For instance, you only use this powder for a personal experiment. 

It will be better to buy the 2.2 lbs zinc oxide bottle. Online stores sell this model at $21.99. It means that you only spend $10.00/lb. 

Say you are a beginner cosmetic business owner. It means that you need more zinc oxide powder to produce the best cosmetic product. If so, you can buy the 50 lbs zinc oxide bottle. 

The cost of zinc oxide powder in this size is only $360.61. It means that you only spend $7.22 per lb.

This information helps you to differentiate zinc oxide raw material and ZnO powder. You also finally understand that people can buy a small package of zinc oxide powder for a variety of purposes.   

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