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Zinc Oxide Indonesia Product And Its Role In Sunscreen Product

Zinc oxide indonesia product is needed, especially because Indonesia is in a tropical area. Therefore, they need sunscreen with zinc oxide to protect them from UV rays. However, you might need to learn a few things before using this product.

How Does Zinc Oxide Protect You from UV Rays

The traditional sunscreens without zinc oxide protect your skin by absorbing UV radiation. Therefore, this radiation won’t reach your skin which can damage your skin cells.

Zinc oxide works differently. Instead of absorbing UV radiation, zinc oxide creates a barrier between the skin and UV rays that shine on it. This barrier will scatter the UV light.

The scattering process will diffuse the UV light. So, the light that reaches the skin is the non-harmful light. Therefore, it won’t cause any skin problems.

Benefits of Using Zinc Oxide On Sunscreen

Many sunscreen cream manufacturers choose zinc oxide Indonesia as one of the ingredients of their products because it has many benefits. It changes how sunscreen works and its effectiveness. We can even say zinc oxide improves sunscreen efficiency.

One of the best things zinc oxide indonesia can offer to sunscreen products is its activation time. The traditional sunscreen activates only after several minutes from the time you apply it to your skin. You need to let it stay on your skin to make the chemical process occur before it can protect you from UV rays.

Zinc oxide sunscreen is different. It works immediately upon application on your skin. It doesn’t need a chemical process nor lose its effectiveness when you use it in several conditions.

Things to Remember

Even though sunscreen with zinc oxide Indonesia works well, there is one thing you should remember. You shouldn’t use it together with another type of sunscreen.

There is a risk that the mix will reduce the effectiveness of both sunscreen products. In the end, sunscreen can’t protect your skin from UV radiation.

Many people still think that using two sunscreen products will give you extra protection. The truth is different. Therefore, you should do that to ensure you get the best protection from UV light.


Zinc oxide has become the core ingredient of the latest sunscreen products on the market. It offers so many benefits and improvements compared to the old sunscreen product.

Therefore, it is not surprising that zinc oxide indonesiasuppliers and manufacturers get so many requests for zinc oxide products from sunscreen manufacturers. It becomes necessary in tropical areas like Indonesia.

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