zinc oxide grades

How to Use Products of Zinc Oxide Grades

Zinc oxide has been used for millennia since ancient Greece and India. The development of this substance was rapid in the 1940s until after the 1980s, and has been considered to be safe and non-allergic for most people. Here’s how to use products of zinc oxide grades


Products with zinc oxide come in different forms, and the kind of product you buy will depend on how you use it. When you buy sunscreen products, look at the ingredients table and look for zinc oxide because zinc oxide grades can protect you from both types of UV lights while other products that don’t contain zinc oxide can only protect you from one type.

To prevent sunburn, apply the cream around 30 minutes before you go outside and make sure to not miss the sensitive areas that will be vulnerable like the back of the neck, top of the head or feet, top of the ears and lips. 

Cream and Ointments

Zinc oxide grades ointments and creams are known to work well in treating minor scrapes and burns that are non-infected. It is recommended to let the affected area open, but you can also use bandages as long as your doctor says that it’s okay.

Make sure you always wash your hands and the affected area before starting. Zinc oxide ointments and creams are only for external use, so make sure it doesn’t get into your mouth, eyes or ears since it could be dangerous

Diaper Rash

In order to apply zinc oxide grades to treat diaper rash in babies, clean the diaper area and make sure the affected area is clean and dry before you apply the ointment or cream. Apply it before you put a new diaper on and prior to bedtime.

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